2015 Year of Balance

2015 Year Of Balance

2015 = 8 - The Balance VIII Card In Voyager Tarot


Learn what the I Ching, Nordic and Greek mythology, Physics, Nature, Kabbalah, Runes, Astrology and all the Voyager Tarot number Eight Cards have to say about You Living In Balance and how to do Balance Readings.

– From the Voyager BibleVoyager Tarot Way of the Great Oracle by James Wanless…

"Balance is the law of action and reaction – for every action, there is an equal reaction. And as the ancient Chinese oracle, the I Ching says about balance – Hexagram #63 Chi Chi/After Completion: 'When perfect equilibrium has been reached, any movement may cause order to revert to disorder.'

The number for Balance is 8, its equal spheres suggesting balance. Eight (8) turned sideways is the symbol of infinity. Things are infinite only because they are constantly changing.  Eight represents balance amidst ever-present change. As every change creates a new balance/imbalance, Balance is a dance, a continuum of Libra-like mental adjustments to keep your equilibrium.

Balance is dancing in harmony with life (Eight of Wands – Harmony) moving to changes of our inner and outer seasons (Eight of worlds – change), and rotating between the right and left hemispheres of the mind (Eight of Crystals – Synthesis).  The dance of balance is to move lightly with the wind like the flute, to blend in with the leaves like the chameleon, and to change perspectives like the crystal.  The balance of the dancer is a state of mind, an awareness of the now and a mental flexibility to act in appropriate response.  Balance is trading the edge, able to go this way or that. Stagnation – Eight of Cups – meaning frozen, dried up, still, hard, is the death of the dance of life.  There is no life without revolution and rhythm.  Keep the mind moving, the body fluid, and the spirit soaring.

Balance is called Justice in traditional tarot. Balance is maintained by the fairness or justice you extend to each aspect of yourself – Be fair to your mind (bird), heart (cup), body (sphere) and spirit (dancer).

Like Themis, the Greek goddess of Justice, you are your own best judge. We hold the scales of balance in our own hand. Balance is composed of two Latin words: bi meaning dual, and land meaning scale. The balance between opposites suggest its Rune symbol, Tiwaz. Tiwaz is the Norse god of law and justice, Tyr, who ruled in favor of the right and honorable action.  So, follow the high road and do the right thing.

The Kabbalah letter-word for Balance is Lamed, meaning to teach.  Teach yourself through your continuously changing incoming stimuli and learn through adjusting. Balance is your teacher."