Change is A-Comin'

Did you know that each New Year has its own energy around it?  Some begin with excitement and anticipation, others with resistance and dread.  Well it certainly seems that 2014 is coming in with a b-a-n-g. There is a huge momentum for upheaval, change and a need to purge both the physical and emotional baggage that is no longer working for us. 

hand with possibilites

When we’re pushed into big changes, it is only natural to have some resistance towards it.  Whether its switching jobs, dissolving an important relationship, or losing a cherished pet, all these things are part of a shift happening on a bigger level than most of us can fully understand.   And it’s ok – it’s not your job to understand everything, just to be willing to incorporate these changes into your life.

While there is a lot of pain that can be associated with letting go of the status quo, there is also a lightness that comes with change.  As we release energy that no longer serves us, we come to understand that we didn’t even realize how much it was holding us down.  Embracing change can mean we start to feel lighter, more capable, unburdened and more like our true selves. You just need to stop resisting the inevitable.

This month at A Soul’s Own Place, renowned author James Wanless will be offering a weekend workshop that will help you facilitate all this change.  He talks about 2014 being the “Year of the Chariot” which corresponds to the number 7, numerologically.  This number represents mastery of spiritual realm, indicating that 2014 is all about spiritual growth.  A chariot is a fitting vehicle for spiritual growth this year, as it pulls you forward; it’s quick, light and agile.  In life, things can change in just a moment, and you have to maintain your balance while adjusting to every bump and change you feel along the way.  Tricky business for sure.

How do I know when this shift is happening in my life?

The bottom line is that change is happening for everyone all the time.  Now the momentum for spiritual growth is fast and furious compared to what it was ten years ago.  Unfortunately, we need to let go of the thought that things will slow down and eventually we will catch up or get a break.  Sorry about that.

The good news is that you can choose how you respond to these changes.  You can be disoriented, angry, frustrated, or feel like the world is an unjust place in the face of upheaval, but as you allow for release and start to accept these changes, you will feel the positive results of these shifts.  Eventually you might even look forward to it and get excited about it. Seriously.  Just know that it’s ok to experience resistance, but you can also choose to move forward when you are ready.


Exercise to Embrace Change

If you find yourself in the midst of turmoil here is a wonderful way to release the old and embrace what life has in store for you:

1 – Take stock of how you are feeling about it.  Whether you’re feeling angry, frustrated, or scared, allow yourself to feel whatever it is you feel.  Give yourself a time frame for this and trust the process.

2- Show gratitude for the thing that is making an exit in your life.  Think about how much it has meant to you and be thankful it was yours for a brief moment.  Hold it in your heart then be willing to let it go.

3 – Look at benefits that change will bring at this time, focus on the things you want to see happen, instead of concentrating on what you are resisting.  Decide what you really want and be specific. Now is the opportunity to refine what you might not have liked about the thing you are letting go of and to cultivate what you want for the future.

In the end it is important to remember that there is no creation without destruction. Whatever the change you’re going through, we’re here to support you on your journey. If you’re ready to embrace real change in your life, we have some fantastic events coming up to support your growth. 

Check out our upcoming weekend workshop with James Wanless and learn how his oracle decks can help you reveal the life of your dreams.  You can also learn about how the power of Flower Essence Therapy can help you with life transitions at this month’s curiosity night with Vicki Wiepking.  Hope to see you there!