How to Know When the Time is Ripe

Have you noticed all the produce at the farmer’s markets lately?  The earth is bursting with abundance, and it is definitely the time of year to not only work hard, but also enjoy all the goodness too. Many of us have been going through physical, emotional and spiritual growth periods this year and its time to reap some summer rewards. Yeah.


During the last couple of months, a few planets have been retrograde, forcing us to do things we may not want to do, or creating obstacles of some sort. Stuff that may have actually been in the works for a long time may have come up suddenly to bite you in the end. There have been ups and downs, but for the last few weeks, things seem to be at a turning point. There seems to be less resistance, more opportunity, a need to shake things up.

In the aftermath of big changes, there is always a little collateral damage, but it also reveals new opportunity. The fruits in your garden may look like a new job offer, a marriage proposal, or an invitation to go on an exotic adventure. If there has been something that you have been working up to having the strength and courage to do, NOW is the time. Grab that fruit.

But, you’re thinking, “In a garden as large as the Universe, which fruit should I pick?”

Great question. Giving you options is actually what the universe does best. There is no limit to what it can offer. To really know what you’re meant to do, you need to know what’s in your heart. It will always feel right, effortless, inviting. Try the exercise below to listen to your heart and find your next adventure.

  • meditate on it - light a candle, breathe deeply for a few minutes and let your thoughts settle (don’t know how? click here)
  • imagine the possibilities - how would each option feel? choose the one that feels right for you with no worries about what other people think or whether it’s even possible
  • visualize doing it successfully - walk yourself thru the new activity in your mind, feel each step in your body, notice what happens for you when you see it in your mind
  • ask for universal support - turn your worries into a prayer - to the angels, the goddess, spirit, whatever feels right for you; then let it go

Whether you take a pottery class, explore a new trail, open a bakery or go whitewater rafting, it is important to do the thing that you’ve been dying to do. Don’t let uncertainties or the opinions of others hold you back. This new adventure may seem crazy but also may feel really, really right.  Push your adventure boundary a little bit and embrace the unexpected, face the dragon.  It could be the thing that gives you wings.

What amazing adventure are you going to embark upon? We want to hear all about it, so leave your comments below and be an inspiration to others!