Maybe Should is a Shouldn't

Do you have trouble sorting out all the “shoulds” in your head?  It seems like they’re everywhere.  “I should exercise more.”  “My house should be spotless.” “I should get a better job.” Each thought gets trapped in your head on repeat, and your heart drags a bit more each time you have to hear it. So, if these “shoulds” keep repeating themselves, why aren’t you excited about any of them?

The issue may be that you are letting the “shoulds” drown out the true calling of your soul. Sometimes what we really want to do in our hearts doesn’t match up with what our mind thinks we “should” do. Expectations of others replace our own values and desires quite easily if you let them, leaving you feeling empty, bored and beyond ready for a change.  

For those of you who are ready to make a few tweaks in your outlook on life, the book Inspired and Unstoppable, Wildly Succeeding in Your Life’s Work! is a funny, down-to-earth guide that will help you release those limitations. You will shed a few tears and laugh a lot, and by the end, be ready to go out there and kick-ass at whatever you do.  There will be an enthusiasm for your life that wasn’t there before, plus a sense of peace and contentment.

The author Tama Kieves asks us to consider if we are working according to our linear mind  - a house of limited belief - or whether our work is the result of a soul awakening - the home of inspired action.  Linear minds have trouble taking a leap of faith, while the soul is able to listen to the wisdom within - “shoulds’ vs “intuition.”

How do you know if you’re in your linear mind, or letting your soul be your guide?

  1. Listen to the chatter in your head. Sit quietly for 5 minutes and breathe deeply. Allow your thoughts to flow.
  2. Write down your thoughts. Spend 5 minutes journaling without censoring yourself. Be honest with what comes up.
  3. Consider your feelings. Add a few descriptors to the thoughts you wrote down. What does it feel like when you believe it? Where do you feel it in your body?
  4. Make 2 columns labeled “shoulds”  and “intuition”. Assign each thought from your journal entry to a column.

Its pretty easy to sort out your thoughts once you get the hang of it. Ask yourself if they are exciting, inspired and full of passion, or if they are full of dread, lacking energy, and downright drudgery? Guilt, fear and heaviness are usually attached to the “shoulds” while intuition brings lighter, more joyful feelings. Things feel free, more effortless. You’re in the flow.. It doesn’t take a psychic to predict the result of each path. Pick the icky one - it’s just gonna bite no matter what you do because it is not in alignment with your soul. Yeah, really.


Whether you are starting a new job, in the middle of a long-term project, or need to wrap up something that you have little passion for, shifting into a soul-awakening perspective will help you pull it off with inspiration and ease. Once you know what your soul is telling you to do, everything you need to accomplish it will come more easily. It will feel right - otherwise don’t do it! Let things unfold naturally and the Universe will work its magic through you.


If you feel like you need a little more help, check out our Spiritual Gizmos class.  You will learn how to get super clear about which thoughts are inspired by your soul and which are a result of your fears. We also have tons of books on meditation, sage smudge to clear the air and hematite crystals to get all that confusing energy out of your space. Stop in and take home some clarity!

How do YOU listen to the messages of your soul? What intuitive action have you taken lately? Share your experiences in the comments below so other souls can be inspired too!