An Action Plan to be your Best Self

james wanlessIn James’ Voyager Tarot class you’ll learn how to assess the different aspects of yourself and to create or harness the energy of those parts and apply it to your life.


Focus will be solely on the Major Arcana Archetype cards to learn how to do "Life Card" and "Year Card" Readings and discover how these archetypes are your deepest inner resources and guides. Learn how to read and work with the tarot's Major Arcana symbols of transformation.


The four Minor Arcana suits of the tarot give you the key to living the whole life for being happy, healthy, holy and wealthy. You will perform "The Whole Self Mandala" Reading. This master reading technique and layout will give you a step by step, integrated pathway to becoming a complete person – the key to having a synergistic action map for your inner life and for your work, finances, home and relationships.


images-17A healing reading that shows you how to be WHOLE: how to achieve the highest states of body, mind, heart, and spirit that are possible for you right now; who you are attracting to your life on your feminine side and what your are creating on the masculine side; how you can create a world around you of abundance financially, professionally, in the home and relationships.

In the 10 card spread you will interpret ancient symbols that will reveal how to:

• Be mentally brilliant, emotionally ecstatic, physically healthy, and spiritually illuminated

• Observe who you are attracting into your life and what that means

• Understand what you really are projecting or creating and see if it’s working for you

• Achieve prosperity in money, success at work, peace at home and love in relationships

In this foundational class, James will help you get to know the basic parts of a tarot deck, what the suits mean, what the major arcane cards mean and how to put it together in a reading. 

Students will receive a Voyager Tarot Certification upon completion of all requirements – from the creator of the deck himself.