How do the Angels really help us by Misty Harding

How do the Angels really help us?




Many years ago I was sick, unhappy and downright miserable. One day I found myself in a store and picked up the Archangel Oracle card deck by Doreen Virtue. Pulling a card every morning gave me at least something positive to focus on to start my day. Soon, I began to feel more peaceful and my physical ailments started to go away. One day I thought that I had began hearing messages from the Angels and decided to take the Angel Therapy course. During the course I realized that I was really getting messages from the Angels and that if I can everyone can. I realized that my whole life I had never really wanted to be here on Earth. Somehow, with the Angels support, I was now enjoying with being here. 

Many people ask how the Angels can help. I believe that if we open to receive their love and guidance we are more loving and peaceful with ourselves and others. I would like to share a couple of my own personal stories with you about how the Angels have helped me.

One day, during a very difficult time in my life I was taking a walk feeling depressed and alone. At this point I had not been communicating with any Angels.  I heard a voice in my head say: “We are here”. Stopped in my tracks I said in my mind: “Who is there?” and they started to rattle off their names, going on and on, for at least five minutes. I felt completely loved, supported and was so grateful for the reminder of their presence as I was crying walking down the road. You see, I had forgotten that I have all the unconditional love and support I could ever need. 

Two years ago, I again found myself at a crossroads. I started asking God and the Angels “How can I be of service” to help others, for I was doing nothing and there are people in need. This led me on an immersion into the Angelic realm where they showed me how to create essential oil blends and infuse them with their energy to help others attune to them. With this immersion came much more clarity and energy through me from the Angels.

So, does it mean that if you work with the Angels that you will not have any problems? No. It means that if you allow the Angels to be a part of your life, you have help to understand and have compassion for yourself and others. The Angels can give you guidance about what actions to take and help you know that you are loved unconditionally and that the world is a wonderful place.

The Angels want to help everyone. If you are interested in learning how to communicate and receive the Angels love and messages, give yourself the gift of experiencing the Angels in your life, join me for a 4 week Angelic Communication Immersion class at A Soul’s Own Place starting Wednesday, February 19th. Register Here or Contact Me with any questions or to let me know you are coming.

May you always know the Angels love for you. Misty