What is Reiki?  A question and answer session with Lisa Lord

What is Reiki?

There is a faith among energy healers that Love is an energy.  The Divine Love that is offered through Reiki is gentle, patient and allowing, which works by sending loving energy through the hands to a receptive person.  It can heal anything inside a person, given enough time, receptiveness and willingness to change. Reiki is capable of soothing all conditions and it is of great benefit to the Nervous System particularly. Anyone can learn Reiki to help not only themselves, but also their friends and family to release emotional and physical tension and live with less stress and more joy.


What does it feel like to receive it?
Reiki can be thought of as a "non-manipulative form of massage.”   I use a light but intentional touch that offers a soothing warmth and grounding effect for my clients. The Reiki session inspires a feeling of letting go, surrender and stillness – something that is much needed in this busy world. This is the point where true healing begins.

What’s your favorite Reiki healing experience?

I was with a friend who got called to the ER suddenly. Her father had been in an auto accident and experienced deep head trauma.  Somehow we ended up in the treatment room alone with him and she asked me to treat her father with Reiki.  I held his feet for a few minutes then a nurse came in to do vitals.  As she was taking his pulse it kept slowing down, as did his blood pressure and respiration.  She looked at me and said, I don't know what you’re doing but keep doing it! The fact that his vital signs responded so dramatically to the Reiki suggests that the power of Divine Love is greatly needed in hospitals and other health care facilities.

What is an attunement?

A person becomes a Reiki healer by receiving an attunement.  This is a ritual whereby a person receives a set of sacred symbols into their Crown Chakra and is blessed by the Reiki guides. This empowers the person to be able to channel energy from the Universal Source through themselves to the client.  While anyone can channel energy from the Universal Source, through openness, presence, and intention, the anchoring of the symbols in the aura seems to make the access easier, more reliable, and stronger once someone has received an attunement. Each attunement is offered in class as follows

Level One - a commitment to self-healing. You will get a deeper understanding of energy, a connection and activation of sacred geometry.  Through Attunement you will receive your first Reiki symbol. 

Level Two – a deeper level of energy transmutation. Techniques include Distance Healing, Past Life Regression, Deeper Emotional Release.  You will receive through Attunement 2 additional symbols and there will also be a homework assignment to complete.

Level Three – a confirmation of mastery.  Through Initiation and Attunement a Master Symbol is received.

Yes, come take this journey with me and learn Reiki for yourself! In each class you not only learn to practice Reiki, but you get to receive healing as well. I invite you to surrender your muscle tension, your weary mind, and tired body. Just. Let. Go. Because when you do, you open up to an opportunity for change to happen. 

Not sure if Reiki is right for you?  Book a session and see what it is all about. I am an Ambassador of Bliss, and it is always a blessing for me to share this Divine Love with you.  Your Nervous system will smile, and you might even sleep better - I'm not kidding! 

Reiki Level I will be held on Saturday, April 26 11am-2pm