Trust Training with the Angels

Do you know what the angelic realm can offer you? Everyone has heard of a “guardian angel” before, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many, many, many angels among us, and they are ready to help you - but only if you ask for it. Whether you need healing, protection, money or just a big old hug from the Universe, the angels are happy to deliver.


So, there’s just one problem - you don’t know how to go about asking for help from the angelic realm. You feel awkward just thinking about talking to thin air and asking for stuff to happen in your life. You don’t trust that there really, really are benevolent energy beings who radiate love, compassion, and healing energy. You can’t understand how the angels could be in more than one place at once - at your beck and call so to speak.  

What if there was someone who could help you hook up with the angelic realm? Our in-house angel expert, Misty Harding, can make it happen. The experience she offers is amazing, effortless and deeply profound. Seriously, if you’ve never connected with your angels before, you’re missing out!

My angel reading with Misty was extremely memorable and provided healing on a level that I didn’t even know I needed. She has a presence about her that is soft and supportive, so I wasn’t anxious, just curious. First, Misty cleared my aura and I instantly started to melt - my shoulders dropped, my chest opened, my breathing slowed. I had no idea how much stress I was holding!

As I sat in a chair, she stood behind me, resting her hands on my shoulders. I closed my eyes and the next thing I knew I was surrounded by angels. They explained to me that we would be doing an “Angelic Trust Exercise” in my session. Okay...sounds easy enough. So, an angel asked me to stand up (in my minds eye) and then swooped me up in a huge bear hug! I was a little surprised at this and responded much like if a random person were to hug me -  I was stiff as a fricken board!  

Disappointed in my reaction, the angel replied, “If you were a child, how would you have responded to this?” Then he let go and hugged me a second time and asked me to respond as if I were a child. So I returned the bear hug, wrapping my arms and legs around him and he held me like that for a minute with my head on his chest. I realized he was holding me like a child, patting my back and soothing me. Wow. I haven’t had that feeling in a long time - if ever.

Then he cradled me like a baby in his arms and sat down, swaddling me with his angel wings in a little cocoon.  I felt my whole body let go, feeling completely safe and totally loved.  The sense of trust that comes with that was totally overwhelming. He rocked me gently for a little while, but what came next was quite unexpected.  

The angel asked “Are you ready?”  “Ready for what?” I thought, and suddenly he threw me up in the air. Just like you would do with a child.  He threw me really high up in the air and he caught me effortlessly. Although I wasn’t really afraid, I was still a bit stiff. So he said, “That was ok, but this time, try to ENJOY it!” Add he tossed me up in the air again and again, and again, until I could actually start to feel the joy of being thrown. It was free, joyful, secure - all the things I wanted to cultivate in my own life, but I had to sink into his support and really trust it before the fear went away.

Then he threw me up and suddenly moved out of the way - I started to panic. Who would catch me? But immediately there were 10 more angels that swooped in and caught me.  And then they threw me up again and they all caught me again. And again. It didn’t matter how many times they threw me up and moved out of the way, I could trust that there would always be another group of angels to catch me. Every time. What an incredible feeling!

That was my initial experience with Misty and the angels. It was one of the most profound experiences with angels I had ever known - and it was just a 15 minute healing. Think about what is possible in a full hour with them!

If you are interested in being able to connect with the angels in a tangible, practical way, the Angelic Immersion class is for you. In this 4 week class, you will:

  • Learn about Angels, how to ask for their help, discerning between angels and other beings, creating a sacred space and how gratitude helps in receiving.
  • Learn your own unique way to communicate with the Angels. Receive Angelic attunements, clearing and tools for increased clarity.
  • Meet your Guardian Angel and practice receiving messages from them. Learn and practice ways to ask your Guardian Angel to help you with relationships.
  • Meet and attune to some of the Archangels. Use the Archangel Oracle cards to practice asking for and receiving their guidance, healing and gifts.

The angelic realm is there for you - actually on the edge of their seats, ready to help you, but they can not step in until invited. Start your relationship with the angels today and let them reveal how they will be there to catch you.  Trust them. They’ll be there for you.