Reiki Healing Dance

Some of the best things in life are a result of mixing two things that each enhance the other. Peanut butter and chocolate, dinner and a movie, belly dance and Reiki.  Wait a second, belly dance and Reiki? How exactly do these two ancient practices go together?


Isis Ptak can tell you how - actually she’ll show you how. Being inspired after attaining the level of Reiki Master, Isis choreographed an entire dance routine based on the Reiki symbol known as the Cho Ku Rei. She calls it a “healing dance” as it combines the sacred power of Reiki with the healing energy of belly dancing.


Reminiscent of ancient shamanic dances, this type of sacred healing dance will positively affect not only the dancer, but the audience members and the dance space as well. The Cho Ku Rei symbol resembles a coil that regulates the flow of energy in a person, the room etc. It has been revered for its power to manifest energy and attract good vibes.


When paired with belly dance moves, this combination of healing energies offers spiritual, emotional and physical benefits such as:


·       Finding a “sisterhood” – belly dance has traditionally been done as a group of women only, creating a support group for wellbeing

·       Emotional release – moving the physical body allows for the release of long held emotional pain and provides a mode of expression

·       Easier childbearing – especially helpful in supporting the mother during all phases of pregnancy, delivery and recovery

·       Total body workout – dancing is excellent for strengthening and toning the major muscle groups; it relieves lower back pain, loosens hips, soothes menstrual cramps and aids digestion



If you would like to not only reap these benefits, but also learn how to “dance” a Reiki symbol, Isis will be starting a new class series on Friday, June 6th. Students will receive written choreography instructions and music to practice at home as well.

You don’t have to know anything about belly dance or Reiki as this class is designed exclusively for beginners. You also don’t have to worry about dressing in skimpy (sexy!) outfits. Wear your favorite yoga pants and a cute tank top and get ready to shake your booty. Fancy accessories are completely optional, but so totally fun.

This class is an 8 week session – 6 choreography practice sessions plus 2 Haflas (Middle Eastern style party where everyone eats and dances) – and it is a blast. Sign up today to secure your space and get your healing dance on!