What can a reading do for you

So you’ve heard your friends say that they go see their healer/guru/spiritualist and you’re wondering “what’s the hype?” Is there really something to getting “readings”, or are they just bullsh*t wrapped in a twinkie? what happens during a session?

Working with clients in session is more than just lighting some incense, chanting a bit, and telling you what color your aura is today.  When I do a reading, I’m checking into much more than that. I can get information about the different levels of your auric field - yeah there’s lots of them! - and offer some practical advice about how to clear energy imbalances and maintain those good vibes.

When I look at the levels of the field, they give me insight to different psychological and emotional situations that you may be going through at any given time. For instance, if you’re feeling a lack of financial security, perhaps in the form of bouncing checks, you may need to have the energy of this level cleared. Experiencing writer’s block, or other limitations in your creativity? The second level needs some work. For those of you who have some confidence problems, the issue can be addressed through the third level.

In a reading, I clear stagnant energy, give things a boost, add a little sparkle - whatever your physiology needs in that moment. 

Think about it, you clean your house, get your oil changed, why not have your energy cleared?

how is this different from other psychic readings?

I’ll be the first to admit that my readings aren’t instant cure-alls for everything wrong in the world. Just looking at your energy pattern won’t be enough to significantly change things. It takes some effort on your part to break the patterns that have been established over the course of your life/lifetimes.  

When there’s an imbalance in your energy field, it can be nearly impossible to make lifestyle changes, no matter how hard you try.  However, improving the energy flow in a reading makes it easier to change - as long as you participate accordingly. Don’t worry, after a session, if you don’t want to change, you don’t have to, but clearing your energy might just change your mind about that. Just sayin’.

These readings are not fortune-telling sessions either.  If that’s the experience you want, you will have to find some gypsy on the street corner to tell you mysterious stuff that is vague and impractical. While I will answer a few questions that might have to do with future possibilities, that’s not really what the reading is about. It is about helping you know more about yourself, so you can better deal with what the future holds.

how will I feel after a reading?

What I can offer you through a reading is a “theme” for this phase in your life. I’ll tell you more about the big picture and will help you see if you are aligned with your higher self and what action you may need to take to connect on that level. I can help you see how other people’s energy - from your partner, kids, friends - is affecting you, perhaps not for the best. We can shift this during a session and you’ll find more positivity in your interactions with others.

Usually most clients feel more free after a session - literally lighter - in body, mind and spirit. They leave the reading with more vibrance, less obstacles, more understanding and less resistance. I’ll send you home with pointers for how to continue to clear that energy in the days after the reading, so you’re less likely to get stuck in that same old loop.

Do you think you’re ready to do this for yourself - learn how to clear your own energy field in my class, Spiritual Gizmos I:Getting Energetic Clarity and Holding Boundaries.  Everyone can benefit from knowing more about their energy field - click here to set up a reading for yourself.

As always, you can feel free to stop in or call - I’ll answer any questions you may have directly - and I don’t serve twinkies no matter what the filling.