Are We There Yet?


I pay attention to the astrologers when they tell me that Mercury is in retrograde mostly because I seem to know before anyone tells me that it is.  This retrograde is no exception.  The end of October found me flailing my arms and being in a state of constant panic, trying to do and when that didn't work trying to do something else.  I couldn't take it anymore so I stopped doing, re-centered, re-focused and went back to basics.  Then I got the astrolgy forcast and what did it say? That this was the time that our intuition would be telling us to stop and re-focus, re-center and re everything.  Why?  Because Mercury was retrograde.  Of course it is!

From my past experiences with these things, something big usually comes up for me during these retrogrades and this one was no exception.  This one started bringing up all kinds of situations that made me see the darker side of my self in other people.  Oh it is so easy for me to see how mean and nasty others can be, but the real gift is to recognize that what I am seeing in them is what I see in me and I don't like it. 

Again the astrolgers hit the nail on the head because Mercury is in retrograde in Scorpio which tends to rule over our darker sides, our secrets and other things that we don't usually share with the world and sometimes things we don't want to admit to ourselves.  When Mercury retrogrades in a sign it shines a light on the characteristics of that sign but by highlighting it's opposite.  So if Scorpio usually keeps secrets in a Mercury retrograde it will reveal secrets.  Now let's throw in Thanksgiving with the whole family.  That should be fun!  Because of course we tell our families everything right?  

This holiday will give us all a chance to notice old patterns, places that we need to work on forgiving, things that we need to work on in ourselves if what we see doesn't reflect who we want to be and in general to dig down to the very depths of ourselves and pull up all of the crap that we have buried down there.  And what better way to do that then by spending a few days with your family.  Every old hurt and resentment can be pulled out and looked at.  Sounds like fun huh?  This process may be painful, but keep in mind that once all of this is out in the light for us to look at we can see it more clearly and we can make a choice as to how we want to handle it now.  Maybe it's time to let some old huurt go or to not react in the same way that you have always reacted.  Whatever it is that comes up it is coming up so that we can make the choice to become something closer to what we want to be.

Enjoy the art of becoming and have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

If you want to share your experiences or comment on this, feel free to do so.  I enjoy hearing other peoples experiences.