Crystals - The iPad of the Energy World

I tend to speak of the world in terms of vibration.  I could go on forever about how we are all energetic beings and that in order to be more fully conscious, we need to release any vibration that doesn't belong to us.  


Did you know that I'm not just making this stuff up?  


aqua aura crystals

Frequency can be measured for all kinds of things like sound, electricity, radiation, but also for things like disease, flowers, colors.  In fact, anything at all can be measured in terms of vibration.  This explains why things like essential oils and crystals work at such a deep and powerful level.  


Energetically, each type of crystal has a particular vibrational frequency, which emanates that energy into a field around itself.  So if you are in that field in any way, it will enfold you in that particular frequency.  


Why do we care?  Because when we are trying to release energy from our space, to finally overcome that old pattern of (you fill in the blank), using a crystal whose harmonics will target the energy we are trying to release will actually vibrate it right on out of our space, naturally.  It’s the principle of “the bigger field/force always wins.”


What is so cool about working with crystals is that for our very, very, instantaneous society that wants everything NOW and for it to be easy, crystals are definitely the way to go. They’re like the iPad of the energy world.


All we have to do is have the crystal on us or near us for it to affect our vibration.  That's it.  Really.


 There are other really cool things to do with crystals that can enhance their field  (like a sacred geometry stone grid) or to combine them in a healing, releasing multiple energies at once and infusing our vibrational fields with an energy that we would actually like to incorporate into our lives. They are effective just as a simple stone in your pocket too, no need to get complicated with it, if that’s not your thing.  

 Beyond their vibrational capacity to assist with change, crystals also store eons of information within themselves.  Moving in geologic time rather than human time, crystals have acquired information from every age even those before man and are ready to transmit this information to any one who is willing to receive it.  Spend a few minutes in silent meditation with a stone on your third eye or in your hand, clear your mind and see what comes through.  You may be surprised by the amount of information that you receive and you don’t even need an internet connection.   

If you would like to learn more about crystals, join us this month for Curiosity Night or for the Sacred Geometry Stone Grid Class.