Finding The Next Great Adventure

I have arrived!  There are only a few times in our lives that we feel like we have finally gotten to where we are going and they are usually very big steps like graduating from High School, graduating from College, getting married, having children and possibly career success like a large promotion or the building of a successful business.  The sense of accomplishment is great and euphoric and lasts...for a little while.  The question then becomes what do I do now?  

Our early life is pretty laid out for us in terms of goals and milestones so the path is straightforward and we know for the most part what the next step should be, but once we have accomplished those things that we are expected to accomplish we have to create our own path and our own plan for getting there.  But sometimes we get stuck.  We get stuck in the place of “now what?”  So we become complacent and comfortable in our lives but we stop creating the next exciting event and we lose our sense of adventure.  Life becomes more about keeping what we have then about exploring what we haven’t yet experienced.  We wake up one day and feel a deep sense of loss for those by-gone days and ask “Is this it? Is this all there is?”  The answer in no, this isn’t all that there is, there are many ways to make your heart sing again, but you have to pay attention and pursue those things that you’ve said “someday I’d like to do...”.  

It is time to start dreaming again, pay attention to the things that you see around you where you think “that is really cool” and pay attention to the thought that comes after it that tells you why you can’t do it.  It’s the “but I don’t have enough time” or the “but I’m too old, or too fat or too something”  This thought is the belief that is holding you back from creating the life that you dream of having and it’s keeping you from feeling that sense of excitement and joy that you used to feel.  The universe is here to help us create anything that we want and as long as we are able to receive what has been created it can be ours.  

I am so excited to be teaching again and to watch this amazing process unfold for each of my students as they learn to reconnect with their creative ability and they break through the beliefs that have been holding them back from receiving their creations.  This is one of those times in my life where I get to say “I have arrived and it is truly amazing, I love it!  I love that I created it and I love how I feel when I help someone.”  But I’m also saying “I want more of that because if feels amazing “ and  “What’s next, where can I go now?  What adventure do I want to create next?”  

If you want to know more about this process or you just need support in doing this, please join my Law of Attraction / Abundance workgroup on Wednesday evenings.