The Power of a Group Energy Field

So many of the classes and events that are offered here at A Soul’s Own Place are built around the influence of a group field. Everything has an energy field, whether it’s plants, minerals or animals, and when like-minded individuals gather for a healing, meditation or even a party, everyone both contributes and is affected by the energy of the group.


Many people who are curious about energy healing techniques or intuitive guidance often want to read a book and “try” them at home. If you are by yourself and have never experienced a particular exercise before it may be difficult to “get” it, and you may think that you are just not able to do it. However, the Meditation I class that we offer here at the center is a perfect example of how once people gather together and learn in a group, the results are much more tangible. The energy field of the group actually helps everyone in the group “get” it.

why is it important to experience a group field?

So if you feel like you can’t meditate or access your intuition, it may be because you’ve been floating out there all on your own, rather than being able to tune into something that feels real. As you get more than one person’s energy focused on the same thing, the energy of the group amplifies the intention. You “get” the exercise more quickly, and have a better experience with faster results. Plus, you feel like you belong to something bigger than yourself, and hopefully have made a nice connection with someone else along the way.

how do you build the field?


During classes it is important to have a gathering of several people rather than just holding class with one or two. The more people in a group or class the better because each student actually has similar yet different experiences with the exercises.  As they participate in the group and share what they are noticing, they can learn from each other and feel connected at the same time. As long as everyone is open and positive with focused intent, the group field will support them in their journey.

who can participate in this?

Absolutely everyone can experience the power of a group field for themselves, and learn new intuitive techniques. Because everyone has an imagination, and that is where we begin to tap into the energy of the group, the imagery that we use in Meditation I class is just as powerful as reality and it influences your energetic field.

Those who are new to energy work, intuition or meditation can come to class with no experience at all. The only thing that is required of you is to have an open mind, and to listen and follow instructions. That’s it. The group field does the rest. Students are often amazed at how quickly they pick up on their inner intuitive language in class. Its cool to see how everyone can begin to sense energy in action, such as watching a grounding cord work. The students get excited about how everyone can “see” the same thing and confirm it with their classmates. I love it too!

how can this benefit you?

The tools that are taught in Meditation I are meant to be used in your daily life, not just when you’re meditating. You learn how to center and ground yourself, develop energetic clarity and authenticity, and figure out what having a healthy boundary really means. You can respond calmly to things rather than react irrationally, you learn how to soften anxiety, improve communication at work and feel more joy in your relationships.

One student reported that after her first week in class she was able to observe and shift a major pattern for herself. She admits to being a control-freak, especially when it comes to her laid-back son, which had been creating tension between them. After learning some energy techniques in Meditation I, she was able to go to one of his sporting events and just watch and enjoy, rather than push him fanatically from the stands. Other parents even noticed the difference in her demeanor. And that was just after week one of a four week course.

You can join our group field here at A Soul’s Own Place in lots of different ways. Meditation Group is a lovely way to dip into the astral realm without taking a huge plunge, but for those of you who are ready to dive in, Clairvoyant Training may be right for you. A session with one of our talented practitioners can be a wonderful introduction to experiencing a healing field directly, or just come in and browse our shop and contribute to the energy field of the store. We would love to welcome you and your field!