Winter Solstice Spiral of Light Celebration Q & A

Winter Solstice Spiral of Light Celebration Q & A


What is the significance of a spiral?

The spiral is a fundamental form found in nature. To ancient people, it was a sacred symbol of the Goddess and her transformative powers. It is also symbolic of winter hibernation. During the cold months we turn inward for a time of reflection. But the same spiral of energy that leads us downward, inside ourselves in winter eventually leads us up toward the light in spring.

The spiral is symbolic of that journey that we take within.  We all have a shadow side, the pieces of our self we don’t want to look at.  We’re not really in love with those aspects of ourselves, just like we don’t especially love the darkness and below freezing temperatures this time of year.

Rather than hiding from our shadow side and pretend it doesn’t exist (like Santa) we can shine light on it, observe it, and finally understand it.  Because once we start looking at our shadow side we discover it’s not nearly as dark as we thought it was and in that darkness there is still some light.

So if we mindfully enter the spiral with the intention that we are going to be open to things we may not want to see, we can then shine a light on those things and watch that light multiply.  The spiral can allow us to let go of some of that darkness and release more of our own special the light into the world.

How can I participate?

The spiral ritual is experienced individually, with each person taking a turn walking into the evergreen spiral and lighting their own candle off the center flame.  Once lit, you can state your intention for sharing your inner light with the world, and place your candle somewhere on the spiral.   Each step is taken with mindfulness while repeating your sacred intention silently to yourself.

After you finish your turn you may want to spend some time thinking about the qualities that you would like to change about yourself and consider how each of those qualities that you think you want to change has helped you in a positive way at some time in your life.  Once you can see that the shadow side is not so dark, you can start to have a better understanding of who you are.  You can begin to cultivate more compassion for yourself and others, during times of both light and darkness in your life.

Why do you host it at A Soul’s Own Place?

For me Christmas has always had a sense of awe, sacredness, holiness that I don’t get with other holidays.  The connection that we make with each other at this time of year allows us to connect with the divine, and that is what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown.

I look forward to this event even more than opening gifts on Christmas Eve.  It’s one of my favorite holiday activities because to me, it represents something sacred and beautiful.  Even though walking the spiral is meant to be a somber meditation, the whole celebration is also a party – you see people, connect, share energy - thevery reasons why I opened the center in the first place.  The festival of lights is such a special time of year and I want to share it with all of you. 

I don’t get this feeling when I go shopping or I’m frantically trying to wrap Christmas presents; I get it in the silent reverence of the season.  As each of us enters the spiral, lights a candle, and returns out we are symbolically bringing more light and peace into our lives.

Our ancestors knew about, and we are only just rediscovering, the vortex of energy in a spiral that allows us to connect with our deepest selves, the web of life, and the Divine. 

Please join us in this celebration of lights on December 21, 2013 from 5-9pm.  Of course, refreshments and merriment will be abundant, and we encourage you to bring your whole family to participate in this sacred ritual.