• Multi - Sensory Spiritual Psychic Readings
    • A Spiritual Psychic Reading is a great way to look at and understand the energies that are at work in your day to day life.  This type of reading can offer you insight into your life path and relationships and can clear away roadblocks that are keeping you from realizing your highest self.  These readings can look at specific life issues, past lives, and much more.
  • Tarot Readings
    • A Tarot Reading utilizes the power of the Tarot cards to offer insight to particular situations and life questions that you may have.  The cards images and symbolism are combined with the intuitve power of the reader to give you a very accurate picture of the question that you have asked or for a general life reading.  
      • This service is offered by:
      • Cheryl Barry


    • A spiritual healing offers insight into how energies are affecting your physical body and helps to heal both the physical and energetic bodies.  All emotions are stored in the bodies cellular structure unless released and can be triggered by unrelated events.  A spiritual healing can help release those old emotions and energies that you are ready to release freeing you to be a fuller expression of who you are today and release you from repeating old patterns.
    • Space holds energy and can keep you from moving forward.  A space clearing can clear old energies, destructive energies and energies that cause diversions.  It can also set the energy of a space to be more conducive to attracting customers or home buyers or to set it for a peaceful place of rejuvenation, whatever your intentions for the space may be.