The spaces that we live and work in can carry energy imprints that can make working or living in them more difficult than necessary.  A space clearing may be in order when:  you are getting ready to sell your house or business, you are moving into a new space, you have had a traumatic event happen in the space, you're unable to maintain order, some rooms feel off,  you or your children are having a difficult time sleeping.  All of these can indicate that there may be unwelcome energies at play in your space and it can take a lot of energy from you to counteract the effects of it.  


A space clearing works much like a clairvoyant reading, but rather than looking at the energy of a person the focus will be on the energies of the space.  Once the negative energies are cleared out we can set more positive intentions for each space.  This is usually done on site but can be done over the phone as well.

Pricing will vary by length of time (travel time is charged for).


Cheryl Barry