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While there are a number of different modalities that a reading can take the underlying principal is the same with all of them.  The reader helps to connect the readee with information that is being transmitted from their higher selves, guides, angels and supreme being.  This process can take a number of forms such as seeing images (clairvoyance), hearing voices (clairaudience), impressions or knowing (claircognizance) and feelings (clairsentience or empathic).  Often a reader will use more than one psychic ability in the reading.  

The information that is received is useful in helping you to identify and move through blockages that are holding you back.  While you might not describe the experience in this way, you may be feeling frustrated, stuck, unsure or down right lost or depressed in one or more areas of your life.  All of these are symptoms of energy blockages and a reading can go a long way towards identifying them and removing them. 

Selecting a modality (clairvoyant, tarot, oracle, numerology, runes, astrology) and a reader are a matter of personal preference but you can rest assured that all of the readers here at the center have been screened and work only with beings of pure light.  If at any time during your reading you feel like you are not connecting with your reader please say something as soon as possible (we won't take it personally and you should know within the first 15 minutes of the reading if this is the case) and we will be happy to get another reader for you or work out a solution. 

Clairvoyant Readings / Multisensory Readings


Clairvoyant readings are what most people consider "Psychic Readings".  They consist of …