Clairvoyant Readings / Multisensory Readings

Clairvoyant readings are what most people consider "Psychic Readings".  They consist of the psychic "seeing" the energies at play in a persons life and information being shared with the readee that may or may not have been available to them otherwise.  The intent is to provide clarity to the readee so that they can move forward in their life.  


This format of reading can take many forms and can include Spitual Path , Past Life, relationship, chakra and aura readings amoung others.  Specific questions can be addressed and can make up the entire session or a portion depending on your preference.  Each reading is unique and based on what information is needing / wanting to come through at the time.  

If this is your first reading please register for the "First Reading" session and plan for the session to take about 1 1/2 hours (a discount is provided) after that you can register for a session in 15 minute increments with 1 question usually taking 15 minutes to read (to be safe schedule more time rather than less, you will only be charged for the time used in 15 minute increments). 

 Price: $135.00 per hour $170 for a First Time Reading that lasts about an hour and a half.


Cheryl Barry